ZINES issue 2

CONTENT of ZINES 2021-2 « Embodied DIY: Feminist and Queer Zines in a Transglobal World » (part I)

Special issue directed by Paula Guerra and Laura López

  • Paula Guerra and Laura López. Peaks and fanzines. Fuses for a rebellion.
  • Gelen Jeleton (María Ángeles Alcántara), A missarchive of DIY: A feminist-queer zine library.
  • Becca Maree, “no title at all is better than a title like that!”, incarcerated women, materiality, and the production of truth in zines.
  • Liz Chenevey, Embodied care: Exploring mental health zines as feminist health resources.
  • BF, Learning through the queer theory sketchbook.
  • Laura López, Feminist zines in print and beyond: Transnational and transmedia relationships on the move.
  • Kelly McElroy and Korey Jackson, Material matters: Embodied community and embodies pedagogy.
  • Paula Guerra, Leitmotiv: Forgotten women in Portuguese contemporary History (I).
  • Ondina Pires, Holocaustic-Zine nº 1
  • Helen Yeung, Recipes of resistance: Utilising zines to reclaim the kitchen as a feminist space for Asian migrant women.
  • Raquel Silva, Taking CuntRoll; a zinester testimony

Release date: July. 1st, 2021

you need also: Part 2

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