ZINES issue 3

CONTENT of ZINES 2021-3 « Embodied DIY: Feminist and Queer Zines in a Transglobal World » (part II)

Special issue directed by Paula Guerra and Laura López.

  • Paula Guerra and Laura López, We @re the p!nk revolutiXn: The breakthrough of queer and feminist fanzines, as places of resistance.
  • Max Barnewitz, Academic Enough? Queering Pedagogy with Zines.
  • El Affleck and Lilith Cooper, Burn After Reading: Intimate Practices of Queer Zine Making.
  • Bruna Emanuele, Bárbara Lissa and Rita Lages Rodrigues, The uses of erotic as power: a graphic analysis of the ChanacomChana newsletter and for the representations of the female erotic
  • Bianca Martin, Queer Feminist Collaborative Zines: Community Building in Contemporary Australian Zine Culture.
  • Paula Guerra, Leitmotiv: Forgotten women in Portuguese contemporary History (II).
  • Ondina Pires, Holocaustic-Zine nº 2
  • Sarah Hanks, Monarchy and Brocialism: How Zines Discuss Intragroup Sexism in Radical Left Social Movements.
  • Joana Matias, “It’s Portuguese, it means sweet melon, and no, it doesn’t make sense”: Making and studying zines between Leeds and Lisbon.
  • Work In Progress : Sarah Merton
  • Review : Punk, Fanzines and DIY Cultures in a Global World Fast, Furious and Xerox by Laura López.

Release date: July. 1st, 2021

you need also: Part 1

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